Saturday, October 06, 2007

Squares and Triangles

Here is today's effort. I have used the same purple as in the last one. It used to be a sheet way back in the groovy 70's, then most of it was used in a quilt for 0j0, but I still have some strips left in my purple/maroon bit box. I have tried to reflect the flowers in the border print with the sequins. It doesn't show very well in this scan, but I have stitched them on with green rayon, and added a fuchsia lined glass bead to their centres. My points still are far from perfect, but the worst one is disguised by the fact that the adjoining pieces are the same fabric. I shall get there eventually.


  1. Hi Totty,

    Thanks for that link - what a fabulous site! Not sure about a monkey chair though. Yeah, sure, I can jab a fork in one but I couldn't sit on a whole heap of monkeys! (I have quite a large botty - it'd need a lot of monkeys!)

  2. Brilliant! Just brilliant!! I'm taking back the crown from Lucy Locket - especially as she wouldn't even play today - and bestowing it gently on your head. I hereby crown you the new Queen of Alliteration.

  3. Nice card - i think the points look fine :)


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