Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just us chickens...

Following on from my doodlebirds made with a paper cut-out and a doodled outline, and the doodle flowers with the stamped watercolour effect, I tried to combine the two. On the left, taped to a wooden block, is an approximation of a chicken shape cut out of funky foam. I coloured areas with felt tip, sprayed lightly with water, then stamped onto the scraps of card left over from the daisies. I then used permanent pen to scribble more detail. I discovered that I need more practice drawing chicken legs, and that sitting them on a nest is the easy option.If you look closely, you will see that not only can I not draw chicken legs, but I can't draw chickens either. A little research in Google images gave me a better insight into the proportions of the head to the body, and how the red bits fit together, and as you can see below, I improved on the sketching, and now have a less comical hen shape to work with. The first impression from the yellow funky foam can be seen on the green post-it note. Notice also how carefully I have hidden the legs...

Next on the list might be a big gobby rooster; think of the fun I could have with the colours!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

RAK from Roz

Showing what her new super-dooper cutting machine is capable of. Thanks Roz!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cut out cards

I have a bad habit of realising I need a card for some event or other, hoping I have something suitable already made, then discovering I haven't. So then I sit down to make something, and because my brain works better when it is under pressure, I usually come up with something I'm more or less happy with. I then sign it, put it in the envelope, rush out to post it, and then only as it leaves my hand do I remember I haven't scanned it so I can use the idea again.

These two cards were sealed up in their envelopes and I was on my way out of the door when I remembered to scan them...that's my excuse for a skewiff double scan instead of a more carefully composed offering.

I had been looking at some screen prints out in Blogland, and not having the wherewithall for screen printing, decided to have a go with paper cutting. Usually with paper piecing, the individual shapes are cut out and stuck down, but I have taken A5 sheets in each of the colours and folded them into a signature, then cut shapes out of each layer to show the colour beneath. Some of the shapes in the flower are cut through two layers of the sheet in order to make use of the second set of colours.

I'll explain the process of making the leaf card. The outside of the card is plain white card with the aperture cut in the front. A5 sheets of turquoise, green, yellow and white are laid on top of each other and folded in half with the white in the centre. I tied cotton around the signature formed to hold it temporarily together, but next time I think I shall sew the whole thing together. Put the signature inside the card and draw the outline of the leaf lightly in pencil onto the turquoise so that it fits inside the aperture. Cut out the leaf shape. Next pencil the vein markings on to the green layer and cut out to show the yellow layer, and cut out a little of the yellow to show the white. I shall explore this idea further when I have some suitable paper in other colours. This paper was from a pack of computer paper that I have had hanging around for a long time and hadn't really used because of its acidic colour, but the contrast worked for these cards, I think.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Colouring In

A fabric postcard made to swap on the ArtWeMail Group. I used the same bird outline that I have used in the past for paper piecing, only this time I cut a stencil, outlined the shape with permanent marker onto the cotton (salvaged from the sides of a worn out bed sheet) and then used a stencil brush and oil pastels to colour. I was happy with how the blending worked out. It is much easier to control than using watercolour pencils, and there is no chance of bleeding because the pastel is dry. The legs and the little flower in the beak were drawn free-hand. The flowers and ferns were made using the same stencilling method. I used punches to make the stencils in card and then added details with the permanent pen after colouring. The background was coloured with pastel over torn paper stencils, and the lines added to finish it of. As the card has flown away, I can't tell you if the wiggly line in the top left corner is a stray hair that found its way into the scanner, or a stray thread that found its way between the cotton and the backing. All I can say is that I didn't see it at the time, but then the scanner has better eyesight than I do.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Work in Progress

A CQ heart, not yet stuffed because I'm not sure if I want it rounded or just padded a little. The lace square over the ribbon loop is not yet stitched down because it will help to cover the central seam I left open on the back. Neither am I sure if I want to leave it that colour or paint it. Any and all suggestions will be welcome as I am a complete beginner at this CQ malarky...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

One month later...

...and I seem to have a back-log of pictures although I haven't really settled to doing anything. I shall just post these at intervals using the schedule post facility; with or without comment as the mood takes me

A birthday card for a friend; hand drawn (can't you tell!) outline over a foam flower shape coloured with felt tips and sprayed with water before stamping on to card.
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