Monday, September 22, 2008

Work in Progress

A CQ heart, not yet stuffed because I'm not sure if I want it rounded or just padded a little. The lace square over the ribbon loop is not yet stitched down because it will help to cover the central seam I left open on the back. Neither am I sure if I want to leave it that colour or paint it. Any and all suggestions will be welcome as I am a complete beginner at this CQ malarky...


  1. Decisions decisions. I love it how it is, it's gorgeous!!

    Love Roz

  2. WEll...Like Roz I love it as it is - I am trying to imagine what you would paint it with and with what colour? At the moment it blends beautifully with the background and gives it a crisp look while altogether its so pretty and feminine. Is that a piece of lace on the left of the picture that has been painted cos that looks really pretty in those colours..yup a gorjuss piece Toots!!

  3. The little bit of lace on the left was dabbed with two colours of fabric felt tips and then sprayed with water to blend. I could colour the square of lace in the same way, but I think it needs to be paler. I will experiment with colours before I decide.


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