Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just us chickens...

Following on from my doodlebirds made with a paper cut-out and a doodled outline, and the doodle flowers with the stamped watercolour effect, I tried to combine the two. On the left, taped to a wooden block, is an approximation of a chicken shape cut out of funky foam. I coloured areas with felt tip, sprayed lightly with water, then stamped onto the scraps of card left over from the daisies. I then used permanent pen to scribble more detail. I discovered that I need more practice drawing chicken legs, and that sitting them on a nest is the easy option.If you look closely, you will see that not only can I not draw chicken legs, but I can't draw chickens either. A little research in Google images gave me a better insight into the proportions of the head to the body, and how the red bits fit together, and as you can see below, I improved on the sketching, and now have a less comical hen shape to work with. The first impression from the yellow funky foam can be seen on the green post-it note. Notice also how carefully I have hidden the legs...

Next on the list might be a big gobby rooster; think of the fun I could have with the colours!


  1. ...well Totty, aren't you the clever lady - I think those chickens are awesome - how do you come up with these ideas .... well done!

  2. I need more practise EATING chicken legs!! lol sorry couldnt resist. Really cute idea you have there Toots youve got them thar chickens off to a T!


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