Sunday, July 13, 2008

Trading Houses

A few weeks ago I saw some dinky little houses on Jeannie's Blog, and I liked the concept of making a street of houses of various shapes and sizes, but didn't do anything about it. Then Rose posted that she had made some house ATCs and wondered if anyone on FAPATCs fancied trading. I promised I would make a couple this weekend, and this is what I came up with. Unlike Jeannie's houses, they have to fit into the strict 2½" x 3½" size, and as I am off Collage at the moment, I thought I would do a little pen and ink drawing. Then I decided it might be good if the door opened in the same way that Julia Rothman's doors do here....

and that there was something inside. Here is The Master of the House.

The next one is a bit of fun. Collage in a way I suppose, but the only wings are on the birds, there are no sombre children or wilting women and there is not a word in sight. The same house shape forms the background; cream card coloured with dye ink pad and a noodle brush. A Dutch house is stamped onto to a scrap of brown wrapping paper, and a family of chickens have been cut out and stuck on. The hen and two chicks stamp was a freebie with a magazine. I stamped it twice, and added some male appendages to make Mr Buff Orpington. This was fun. There may be more along the same lines if anyone would like to trade.

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  1. Cute houses Totty - love the chickens!


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