Friday, April 10, 2009

Violas in the shade

The deck chairs up on the balcony get a lot of sun, and because it is not in my nature to remove the cushions and bring them inside when they are not use, they soon fade and rot. The chairs themselves were bought back in the late '70's, and originally had good quality 4" foam rubber mattresses, but these eventually gave up the ghost about four years ago, and were replaced with some bought off the market, and made of polyester wadding wrapped around a 2" synthetic foam core. The covers on these rotted pretty quickly, but the worst was covered up with beach towels and Charlie cat found them quite comfortable, thank you. Sun loving Winter visitors don't get much sun downstairs because the rubber tree has grown so big, and the state of the chairs didn't do much for my reputation as a seamstress when they came up in search of a bronzing spot, so here is my reputation restored. A good strong piece of furnishing linen, 3 metres by 4, bought on the fleamarket for 12€. It had a printing fault down the centre line, but this was easily avoided, and will make cushions at some point, and I have enough left over to cover more chairs or even make curtains...

I just had to show you this pot of violas as well. My friend Elsie bought them for my birthday back in December, and they haven't stopped growing and flowering since. I do dead-head them regularly, and give them a feed now and then, but haven't they done well?


  1. ....your chairs are lovely, Totty! ....and what a beautiful pot full of Violas! Don't ya just love flowers?

  2. big improvement, and even though i was only there 4 weeks ago i cannot remember what they were like then! have you fixed the springs underneath too? because i kept falling through one of them

  3. Great upcycling of the chairs - and wonderful flowers, Totty!

  4. love those chairs and the violas are so pretty!


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