Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Thanks to Eve, who sent me the hank of Anchor floss I needed, I have now finished another inherited cross stitch picture. The photo is a bit lopsided because I had it pinned to the curtain, but you get the idea. Eve didn't want anything in return as she said it was returning favours from the past, but I can't resist finding homes for my orphans, so I sent her this heart, stitched as a try-out for some space dyed threads.

There is too much tone difference in the pink, but I can soon add more colour to the pale sections of the hank so that the fuchsia doesn't stand out so much.

The next inherited UFO is already on the frame; it's a birth announcement picture of two mice and a pair of tulips, with half a mouse completed. This had been left in a hoop and was quite grubby, but it has washed well enough to be finished. The one mark that didn't wash out can be covered by an extra bee. This is a picture of the finished article that I found on line.


  1. Anonymous9:54 pm

    well done! dont you just hate it when you dont have the right thread. it doesnt matter how much i have i NEVER have the right one. the harbour scene looks great.

  2. That is a beautiful cross stitch piece, I like boats and the ocean.

  3. ...oh Totty, what a beautiful piece of stitchwork! It looks magnificent!....also looks like a lot of work. Well done.

  4. your blog is a wonderful creative respite filled with creativity and art! thanks for visiting the CB challenge blog!



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