Sunday, December 30, 2007

Take Three...

....Nine Patch squares.

Quarter them....

...and re-arrange to suit... this...


...or this.

But which? Opinions and suggestions gratefully received, as were the patches from Kate and the idea from Helen.


  1. I was going to comment that I had several of those fabrics - and then, I realised why :)

    Personally, my favourite arrangement is one you haven't done - like this

  2. Yes, I like that, but it only really works if you are able to have a group of 8 half blocks in the same fabric to form the link. Not only am I working with 4 half blocks, but they are not matched up on each side of the small square. Put it down to inexperience in the possibilities of the block!

  3. I like the first or second one. More quirky


  4. I also like "no real rules" arrangement:)


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