Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Blogland hints that.... is good policy to clean one's home for the New Year. I understand the concept, but have difficulty putting it into practice. I made a feeble attempt in my sewing room this morning. I vacuumed up all the dust bunnies and threads that were lurking under the ironing board, and I even moved the plastic carrier bags that were piled under there first. I spent a good twenty minutes removing cotton from around the castors on my chair so that now I can glide from one side of the room to the other....or at least I shall be able to when I have cleared a pathway....

Then I got sidetracked; I opened a box that was under the table. It has been doing duty as a footrest for the last year or so, since I made a batch of two dozen or so tissue holders for a craft fair. It contained a very crumpled up collection of fabric samples bought as a job lot from the remnant bin of a fabric stall on Warrington Market about 25 years ago. I plugged in the iron, pressed them all, and folded them into postcard size. Don't they look neat?
Pity the rest of the room doesn't....


  1. Ooh, they do indeed look neat .... but are they going back in the box now for another year?

    And go steady on your newly free-wheeling chair ..... you never know where you may end up!

    Happy New Year :)

  2. They are going into a box, but not the same one. They will be promoted from foot rest to mug rest and will reside in a new clear plastic box on the work table. Hopefully they will be joined at intervals by the ironed and folded contents of the twenty or so bags of bits and pieces that litter the area of floor that the cleaning operative (me)hasn't yet got round to. That will have to wait until I have broken my record of how many complete 360º twizzys I can do with one push off on my revolving chair now that I have cleaned the fluff from the swivel.

  3. thye do look neat as a pin, the sad thing is, you bought them 25 years ago, and some of those fabrics look familiar to me, from 25 years ago, uuuuuughhh


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