Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Shake it all about

I dropped my Elna SU sewing machine on its head today. I did the ironing first thing this morning, and one of Bossman's shirts needed a repair, so I sat down to do it there and then. As I got up from the machine, I caught my foot in the extension lead that lead out into the hall where I had been ironing (Because the ironing board in the sewing room can't be seen for boxes) . The extension was looped around the sewing machine cable, and as I pulled one, the other followed, as did the machine. I held my breath as I picked it up. Both bobbin holders were at a crazy angle, but I couldn't see any other damage. I undid the large left hand screw/bolt that holds the top of the machine in place, then the smaller right hand screw/bolt. As I turned this one, the whole top oscillated backwards and forwards. The force of the landing had bent it out of shape, but I was able to remove it. The bobbin pins are set into plastic flanges that fit into holes in the metal top. A couple of the lugs had broken off, but I managed to pop them back into place, replaced the wonky bolt, allowing the top to wiggle, then the tightened the large one. A test run showed everything was fine. I don't think a computerised modern machines would take this sort of punishment!

I have signed up for a shaker card exchange. Not the usual card shaker card, but a fabric shaker postcard. Having read the hints of those on the group who have made a start, I decided to test a vinyl page protector through the sewing machine. The machine seemed happy to sew it, and the vinyl didn't split or tear, so I went ahead. I have now made two, but I haven't yet worked out a work-round on how to substitute the foam pad spacers of the card version that allow a gap for the shakees between the background and the vinyl. The first one had snowflake confetti, but it only moves given a very sharp rap, and the second has beads and sequins that seem a little more mobile. What I really need to do I think is to use a couple of layers of felt as a frame around the vinyl area, and to keep this window quite small. I'll play again tomorrow afternoon.


  1. Phew. A lucky escape I think.

    Is the moral of the story not to have anything to do with anything as dangerous as ironing?

  2. I like to live dangerously, even though Elfen Sayftee says that anything to do with hot metal, hot water and superheated steam should be avoided at all costs. I have a Certificate of Technical Competence in Kettle-boiling, and I am qualified to brew tea. I hope to go on to study for a Higher Grade this year, specialising in Hot Water Bottle Filling and Jelly Cloth Scalding.

  3. I am actually laughing out loud.
    Doesn't happen very often.
    The man running out of his socks is conjuring up all sorts of images.
    And then the bit about the telephone numbers in your bio.

    I know it is late over here, but even so..
    Did me a lot of good that.

    Speaking of knitting sox: Last year everybody's blog was full of it all of a sudden. I was inspired to knit one and a half pair.
    Bright red, with holes in.

    I reckon I'd better turn in.


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