Friday, February 01, 2008

Follow up to the previous post

Although I am comfortable with my clutter, I have been persuaded to join in with a group of friends who are trying to remove 100 items in 10 days. As I don't consider this to come under the heading of crafting, but definitely more along the lines of the boring life of two wrinklies, I shall post my progress on the other blog.


  1. 100 things in 10 days sounds like a fab challenge. Can I count individual dried up felt pens? If so, I can do it easily. If they all just count as one, well, hey, I think I could still doit. But I'm a sucker for "but I might neeed it one day"

    Good Luck

  2. I shall happily include felt tip pens as individual items; if necessary I shall separate them into their component parts and count them as 4 items...


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