Sunday, February 24, 2008

Later in the month....

I know... I know...I know...I'm supposed to blog every day...but when all I seem to do is knit socks and read blogs it seems a little too boring to bother writing about. Last night I made the decision that the pair of socks I had just finished was going to be the last for a couple of weeks, well at least of the knee high dull grey variety. This morning I had a lie in and read. I am reading The Loop by Nicholas Evans. Last week I read his The Smoke Jumper, and enjoyed it, so I was quite happy when I came across The Loop in the Bowling Club library. It is set in Montana (again) and deals with the problems that arise when wolves are re introduced into the wild and then extend their hunting range into farming areas. There is the odd reference to African refugee camps and boy soldiers thrown in, bringing echoes of The Smoke Jumper, but so far I have no complaints.

The two ATCs above are for the March swap on CSATCs. The directive was to make a collage from bits snipped from a magazine. The nearest mag to hand was a copy of German language AMICA, picked up from the freebee shelves in Zurich airport. Good thick glossy paper that doesn't show the print on the reverse when the glue hits it! The first one almost made itself as the frog and the Kiwi ad were on facing pages. The colour of the frog echoed the colour of the fruit, and who is to say that frogs are not nutritious? The second was mainly taken from the cosmetic pages, with a Seychelles sunset taken from the travel section as a background.
The Lancôme Hither Look...


  1. I love the frog ATC!

  2. Jo, you are so clever. The frog and kiwi go together great. And the beautiful sunset with your collage is gorgeous. Sounds like you've been traveling a bit.


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