Tuesday, March 04, 2008


"What can I find for the Craft Club to do?" is a weekly problem. Some ladies seem to be only interested in making cards, but a few are prepared to give other crafts a try. I had seen versions of these little owls in various places around Blogland, and the little chap on the left was my first attempt. He is rather dumpy and has no feet, just a circle of yellow felt to hide his sphincter. His eyes are felt circles behind shirt buttons with the centre blacked up using a CD pen, and he has a felt beak. Then I came across Moonstitches Tutowlrial which gave me a better idea of the proportions between the front insert and the body. I used her method of embroidering a beak, but didn't use her covered circle base. Instead I added feet to a felt circle. For eyes I layered buttons. I liked the way the stripe through the blue shirt buttons added a little life to the eyes.

I forgot to take my camera to the club yesterday, but I shall email a round robin and ask that they bring their little owls in next week for a photo call. As each person brought in their own fabric and buttons, and stuffed in their own particular way, there was a lot of variation in our little parliament.

Edit: Please ignore the wood ash on the mantelpiece. I'm not known for my housewifely competence. Anyway, if Bossman decides to clean out the woodburner, I think he should clean up after himself as well..
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  1. Don't worry, I think the wood ash adds an touch of extra charm to the photo, and I bet your owlies feel right at home too.

  2. Jo, how creative! I love the owls.


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