Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Revised owlet

As you saw from yesterday's entry, we managed a photo-call of a parliamentary meeting. The Rumanian barman in the restaurant we use as a club room was quite taken with them, and asked if they were for sale. I've made him this one on the left, trying out a new eye treatment after studying a picture of a real owl. I have decided that my starting price shall be one hot chocolate Lamumba. If he wants to haggle, and offers the hot chocolate minus the lamumba ingredient, I shall settle, but only if he adds a dollop of whipped cream.
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  1. So, I am also from Rumania, and I like them very much:)

  2. They are really sweet :) I might have to try making one myself.

  3. Very neat, Jo. I checked backwards into your blog and see that your are into so many art forms. My, you are one talented person! I love your owls.

  4. I'm looking at your owls and at the very same time an owl is hooting from down the dingle (sorry, use of vernacular there - but that's what we call the place it's hooting from.)

  5. oh my these are just to cute for words!!! your amazing love your art. Hugs Rose


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