Monday, August 18, 2008

ATCs into postcards...

Having folded in the sides and stitched them in to place, then made a two layer backing and fixed that into place, I wasn't altogether happy with the result of the canvas and needlepoint ATCs. They were very bulky around the edges, and the corners were not neat. Next time I will try folding in the edges and making the outer stitches through the double layer, as one does when making a rug. With these two ATCs, I have left a canvas border,basted them onto a cotton backing, and then hand stitched fabric around, log cabin style. Why is it that I don't see the glaring imperfections until confronted with them on my computer screen? Maybe so that I can't ignore it...

I shall learn from the mistakes, and hope to do better next time. I think there will definitely be a next time.


  1. They look great to me, Jo. I am always impressed with your work.

  2. ...oh my, don't those look terrific! Great job Totty.....I must try sewing on a card or ATC - I had Art bring my sewing machine in my craft room ..... soon maybe.

  3. And I'm the lucky one to have a lovely pansy card that looks EXACTLY like the picture, a true work of art and labor of love by a very talented lady. Thanks Jo!


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