Saturday, August 16, 2008

Summer Break

I've been very Spanish this year and taken a month off from Blogging. The weather has been very hot and humid, and not conducive to sitting at a desk with a computer fan blowing warm air around the legs. I haven't done a lot of craft work, but have spent my time exercising my brain rather than my fingers; puzzling over crosswords and Sudoku, improving my vocabulary playing Scrabble and Wordjong, reading, and over the last week or so, watching far more sport than is my wont. When I have felt the need to do something with my hands, it has been to make small things, such as these needlepoint ATCs, seen here fresh from the frame and before backing. The top two are now on their way to Australia as a thank you, the centre two have been turned into postcards, and the bottom two are pending...

I seem to be surrounded by unfinished projects at the moment, so as the temperature drops, I hope to get some of them finished, before I start on anything new.


  1. Your embroidered cards are neat.
    I will defiantly visit your blog again you do lots of interesting work. Nice Blog
    It is very hot here in Cyprus as well.I know how you feel

  2. ...very nice needle work, Totty and a nice change isn't it? Great idea to do ATC's in needlework - must try that.

    It's hot here today as well - I'm inside with the air conditioning.


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