Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More holiday stitches

This looks wonky because it is wonky: despite being stitched on a frame, the minute it was released from its bondage it took on a list, as needlepoint is wont to do before it is blocked. I am not sure yet what I shall do with it when it is blocked. I bought a bag of thread oddments from the charity shop, and a little kit was amongst the bits. The kit consisted of canvas and crewel wool to make a pincushion and needlebook. The needlebook was partly finished, but the crewel wool did not cover the canvas and it looked very threadbare. I found Anchor Tapestry wool in my stash that more or less matched the colours and took the pincushion canvas and pattern on holiday with me. I ran out of the red wool, and have only just got round to finishing it off. I looked for wool in Tenerife, but three different shops that stocked Anchor, Coats or DMC all said that no-one in Spain used Tapestry wool, they all used Tapestry Cotton. A rather strange statement, as I have bought it locally here in Alicante Province. Maybe that is because there are so many residents from more Northern climes. I shall unpick the crewel stitching on the other bit of canvas and restitch it in wool. It has two different birds, one on the front and one on the back, and I think is copied from a Medieval Tapestry.

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  1. ....oh are so talented! Is there anything that you don't do? (lol). I love needlepoint and your creation looks lovely.


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