Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Scissor Keeper...

...from a pattern I found on The Drawn Thread. I had some oddments of home dyed thread I wanted to test, and this seemed an easy pattern. The pink to red thread is Coats crochet cotton left over from a batch dyed years ago with Dylon Cold, the green shaded thread and the pink/yellow is a Spanish crochet cotton dyed with Chromotex T shirt pens.

I've cheated on the photos because I haven't shown just how un-square this is! I used cloth that wasn't quite evenweave, and so when I stitched the side seams following the instructions, I ended up with a rather interesting twisted shape. I don't seem to have photo of the hanging loop, either. I made it with the remainder of the red/pink crochet cotton.

I've spent a few hours cross stitching this week, embroidering a band on a guest towel for a friend's birthday; wrapped up and dispatched before I remembered to photograph it...


  1. its very pretty Toots, BUT what is a scissor keeper, and do I need one???

  2. Of course you need one, Paula! It's a little cushiony doofah on a loop that you attach to your scissor handle so that you are less likely to lose it down the back of the sofa. I have them on my craft scissors as well; they come in handy at Craft Club because a lot of us have the same scissors and they get mixed up, and on my desk I know that if I grab the ones with the felt daisy on it doesn't matter if they get all gluey because I don't use that pair for sewing...

  3. Anonymous10:18 pm

    and - if you put a weight in it (like a marble) the theory is it will be heavier than the scissors (embroidery ones anyway)and the scissors wont fall point down and damage the sharp points.

    very clever cheating with the photo so it looks square - that's the sort of thing i do. and it is very pretty too, btw.

  4. ....wowsers Totty, it's gorgeous and I'm glad you explained scissor keeper to Paula as I've never heard of it either.
    You are so talented - is there anything you don't do - I can't believe the variety of crafts you are in to! Well done!


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