Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hip Hip Hurrah

I'm not sure if this makes me an X-rated blog, but I do think I might make this girl some bloomers. Now I have seen the close up, I'm just glad that I didn't position that off-centre tail lower down, just above what now appears to be an anal sphincter...
May I introduce Hippolyta? I was asked to knit a test run of a pattern written by Eve. I'm not sure I did a very good job stuffing the head, but I do like the way the moss stitch suggests the hairy dimples of a real hippo's nose.



  1. Hi Toots:

    I love the hippo - he/she is real "hip" (lol). Eve creates these patterns? Wonderful....I must go have a look. I hope she sells them cuz I want a couple. Great job Totty.

  2. This is precious! It's stuffed perfectly. I love her disposition! I giggled riotously about the x-rated blogging. Heeheeeheee! LOVE your writing. I was wondering, is the pattern for sale? I would love to make one as a gift for someone whose nickname is Potamus. I don't knit, (I wish1) but my Nana does. :0) mel

  3. Great knitting, well done Totty and Eve - great work together.


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