Saturday, May 24, 2008

More Doodle Do

Progressing from the Happy Birday doodle birds I did in April, (last one for a while, I promise) I made some Best Fishes. I'm sure you get the idea, so I'll only show one.
It doesn't show very well here, but I found a little goldfish bowl in a dingbat font and used it on the ribbon. I quite liked the doodle cards with punched out paper flowers that I made a while ago, so I decided to try something on a larger scale. I used a paper template that Mel posted on her blog to cut an acetate stencil, used it to draw around on pages taken from a magazine (this was a yummy looking lobster dish) and then used the same stencil to add a ghost outline once the flowers were glued to the card. The background doodle was based on one from Mel as well.

I used the same doodle in white on the green card. the flower is courtesy of Fred,
or should I say Tracey? Thank you to all these excellent Bloggers for their generosity in giving me a springboard.


  1. You have received an award, which you can collect from my blog

  2. Stunning cards. Your 'doodles' are fantastic! I love the artistic way you've used the flowers. Gorgeous! SO glad I found your blog. :0) mel


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