Sunday, May 25, 2008

More cards while I'm in a scanning mood. Hurrah for Blogger's scheduled post facility! Last time I used my little 5 petal punch I hadn't got the doodle-bug. This time I punched one in card and used the negative as a stencil to draw outlines before punching the flowers. I think the style goes well with the images from Pink Petticoat. More Pink Petticoat. This batch of images has been coloured with ordinary cheapo coloured pencils. The black and white background paper is Pink Petticoat, and the pink stripe is something from a stock I had from years ago when I had a printer that used three colour cartridges. I used to carry on printing after one colour ran out (it was always the yellow) so have a lot of magenta and cyan sheets.

A little black doodle goes a long way...right over the page in fact!


  1. your cards Totty - they are soooooooo cute - you know me, I like whimsical things. Well done, my friend..........

  2. I really do love the cards you make and your idea to use up the ink colours which haven't run out in your printer is great!

    I've only just realised where in Spain you live- my Mum and Dad have a little house in Denia which they rent out and we've spent a fair bit of time in Calpe while it was being built. The weather must be beautiful at the moment- wish I was there too!

    Que sigas haciendo cosas maravillosas!


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