Friday, May 29, 2009

A Fruit Crate of Bus Monkeys...

Paula asked what a fruit crate of bus monkeys looked like, and being in an obliging mood today, I took this photograph as I excavated my way to the box marked Green and Turquoise.

You can tell by their expressions that they were very glad to see the full light of day after being at the bottom of the pile for so long. Paula's second question asked what a Bus Monkey was, and that requires a little longer than the time taken to press a shutter, but I did say I was in an obliging mood....

Once upon a time, long, long ago back in the early days of Blogging, before pictures were allowed, I kept a private online journal as a mental exercise and to improve my computing skills. It was mainly a record of how we spent our days, and reading it inspired the sub-title that the Other Blog still has; the boring life of two wrinklies. When Blogger announced that we could add pictures to our posts, it just so happened that I had bought a very cheap digi camera from Lidl, and I indulged in the rather old-fashioned concept of "table top photography". Some of my family are very camera shy, and so the monkeys became stand ins and stuntmonkeys, and I had fun playing around in PS. In 2007, I deleted most of the old posts, but left a couple, including this one, as that conversation just about summed up my life at the time. The little brown Mon Chi Chi monkey had belonged to my elder daughter; I don't know where it came from, but I remember her having it in 1990 when she was in hospital, so it was probably a get well present from a friend. Whenever I saw another vinyl faced monkey languishing in a 50¢ box at a flea market or charity shop I would rescue it. So why Bus Monkeys? Bossman, (a pseudonym of course) is not a native English speaker, and some of his sayings come out slightly wonky. "You're as much fun as a barrel full of monkeys" became "as much fun as a busload of monkeys", and as I was 59 at the time, there was also a comment about my soon qualifying for a bus pass, and my reposte was that I hoped the bus would be full of monkeys so I got a bit of fun...and with the arrival of Broadband, the Blog went public with a new name; The Monkey Bus Pass, and I introduced Monkima and Bossman to the world. Not to mention Bracket, Clooney, Pointy Kitty, Ninfant Griller et al....


  1. Anonymous3:26 am

    well, thank you for indulging me. i knew there'd be a simple answer :)
    (that applique didnt have the chopped off points - i havent published it yet)

  2. ...and aren't those Bus Monkeys just the cutest! Cute story, Totty!

  3. the original bus monkey comes from the uk - lorraine gave me that when i went into hospital to have my wisdom teeth removed, so 84 -85 at a guess.

  4. Just goes to show how tenuous my memory is these days; I remembered you having it in hospital, but then there is not a lot of difference between one hospital bed and another...


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