Thursday, May 28, 2009

Broken 9 patch

If you have been visiting for a while, you might remember this post and the disappearing 9 patch blocks I had made with some scraps sent by Kate. I never did get as far as stitching them together. Since then, December 2007 would you believe, they have been sitting on my sewing table in a zip-lock bag, being pushed from one spot to another and back again. This morning the spirit moved me to make a wall hanging to fill the blank wall in the new lobby, and those 9 patch blocks seemed a good place to start, but they looked rather dull for the north facing space, so I decided to make a couple more blocks with some brighter colours. I could see some of the turquoise cotton I used to make Pointy Kitty in a scrap box under the table, along with the green and turquoise I used for Paula's Spudgies, and decided to use those to liven things up a bit. I added some charm squares sent by Pam and some bits sent by Paula, and here you can see the result, pinned up on my bedroom curtains. I am very lucky to have such kind cyber friends who send me goodies! I will have a rummage tomorrow for something to frame the outside. Somewhere there is a turquoise cotton sleeping bag liner left over from our boating days. I know I used some of it in a quilt, but I think there might be enough left for what I want. It will be in the cardboard box marked green and turquoise that I can see in the wardrobe from where I am sitting, but getting to the box involves moving more boxes, a fruit crate full of Bus Monkeys, a laundry basket full of assorted tat waiting to be sorted, not to mention....well we won't go into that...

I'm not going to show you any close-ups, either, because there is a very good reason I have called it a Broken 9 patch; The first set of squares were stitched on the Elna and today's were stitched on the Lervia. This noodle didn't take into account the fact that the foot on the Lervia is fractionally wider than the foot on the Elna, and as that is the way I measure my seams, there was a slight discrepancy where some of the corners met. Not enough to bother a Blind Man on a Flying Horse of course, but enough to make me hang my head.


  1. Anonymous9:46 pm

    this looks great - expceially is you used my triangle scraps - i dont even recognise anyof the fabric :). i have been looking for a pattern like this to make a green quilt - to look like an aerial view of green fields - i might just steal this idea. if you think your seam discrepancy is bad, wait until you see my latest offering with its chopped off point - if i could hang my head further, without it banging o the ground I would.

    and please tell me what does a fruit crate full of bus monkeys look like? what IS a bus monkey?

  2. Anonymous9:57 pm

    'especially as'. jeez, it's like I posted the comment without even reading it first.

  3. Oh my Totty - this picture is so clear with the colours and they are beautiful - I did leave a comment in your post about the tan background (I work backwards lol)- if you come across the turquoise, it would look magnificent - that does not mean the "tan" is not okay.


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