Friday, May 29, 2009

The result of my excavations... the turquoise mine was a very large zilch. No turquoise sleeping bag liner, no turquoise of any description large enough to go around the modest circumference of my Broken 9's, but poking out of the box below was a largish piece of tan cotton sheeting that might just fit the bill. I have pinned it up to consider the effect. Bossman's comment when asked for his opinion was that he felt that there was a war on. When asked to elucidate, he said that it was like sleeping in a bedroom with blackout curtains, and when was I going to finish it? I gave him the usual answer that a true artist couldn't be rushed, and that anyway my sewing machines have decided that they will only work in the mornings now that it is practically June...


  1. ....well Toots, I think it looks fine but then I don't do that type of work. Is it the outside colour the boss doesn't like? It looks like that colour is in the middle portion a wee bit and picks up on it.......I like it!

  2. It has nothing to do with the colour, Marion, it is the fact that I have the curtains drawn and the cloth is pinned to the curtains. I don't know what the problem is as there is another window in the room...

  3. you know he needs something to moan about, his day would not be complete ;-)


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