Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Difficult Card

When you are told in a phone call that a friend, on a short visit to the UK, had been diagnosed with a small cell, rapidly spreading cancer that gave him 6 months at best, it comes as something of a shock. When the Chairman of the Bowling Club asks you to make a card to send from the members, you have to stop and think hard. Get Well Soon won't do. Feeling Under the Weather? is what I decided on in the end. They made the decision to stay in England, in a rented apartment near the hospital, so as not to have to overcome the language barrier. He doesn't want to go through chemo; she is desperate to persuade him. We are, indeed, thinking of them.


Before putting the Funky Hands folder away, to cheer myself up a little, I made some more cards. All the papers are Funky Hands, the crystal flowers were a gift from my crafting friend Dilys, the dragonfly was punched from a scrap of painted paper, and the tiny pink resin flower was from stash.

When you are


  1. Hi Totty - I see what you mean about being in a 'funky' mood - but, oh my, your cards are wonderful. Your choice of card for your very ill friend is most appropriate - well done my friend.

  2. lovely cards Toots and as Marion said very appropriate for your friend.

  3. Jo, your cards are marvelous. Thinking of you is always appropriate, isn't it? Who doesn't want to be remembered when they are going through some catastrophe. The card you made for the ill friend is beautiful. Faye


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