Sunday, June 15, 2008

Two little Dicky Birds..

....not sitting on a wall.
One named Peter and one named Paul.
Cheer up Peter! Pass the salt to Paul;
He might save you a little bit if he can't eat it all!

A couple of ATCs to show this morning. The first is Peter the little bird I drew yesterday on a scrap of note paper while listening to The Best of Natural History Podcast from the BBC; he turned out rather sad with his droopy bottom beak. The second, Paul, is a test run for the postcard swap coming up on ArtWeMail that involves drawing on fabric and using crayons to colour in the outline. The background here is a pale grey cotton. The outline is OK for this scale, but I think for a larger image to fit a postcard, I may need to use a thicker pen. I found that dry watercolour pencils worked better than my rather hard crayon pencils. On a larger scale I may try Crayola type crayons on the larger areas.


  1. ...well I say, aren't you quite the artist! These are both wonderful Totty - well done! I must make some more ATC's - I miss doing them.

  2. They are fabulous, you should get them made into stamps!!


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