Monday, October 06, 2008

Here she is...

My first attempt at a Dottee Doll, except that as usual, I can't stick to the instructions and she is a different shape and has a different face altogether from Dot's original design! I want to make Winter dolls, so I cut out three bodies, each slightly different in shape, from a piece of very soft white needlecord that had once been a shirt. I ironed a piece of bond-a-web to the back of the face area and marked the face oval and cut it out. I made three faces yesterday, two on Vilene and one on a scrap of cotton. This is Vilene, and the features are drawn with coloured pencil and permanent pen. The pencil colour has disappeared into the fabric overnight, so I think I shall have to add a little more colour with a fabric pen. I had intended to put some red fabric behind the Vilene to give it a more fleshy tint, but only remembered after I had stuffed and sewn up her bottom, so she is very much an Ice Maiden. Her head has been decorated in the prescribed manner with beads, sequins and embroidery, and the embroidery continues around her body to add a little interest. I found it an enjoyable little project that only took a couple of hours while catching up on my downloaded podcasts from the Beeb. If you would like to have a go, there are instruction videos galore on Youtube to help you.

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  1. ...oh Toots, I was way off base guessing what you were making - your Dottie Doll is a cutie - looks like a lot of work.


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