Saturday, October 18, 2008

I've been playing...

...with one of the Rachelle Ann Miller stamps. Last night I couldn't resist having a go, so I had a trial with the card and the stamp pad that happened to be out on my desk. The card was a coated card and took the image well, but when I tried to colour with pencils, they just skidded off the surface. Next I tried with watercolour. Well not watercolour as such, but felt tip markers scribbled onto the lid of the ice cream tub that they live in, and picked up with a brush. This was better, but the surface made it hard to control the paint, and the effect was rather blobby.Today I have stamped with the sepia pad again, but this time on to matte hammered card, and painted with paintbox watercolours. This is much less blobby. I think the colour of the hair is better in the first one, butI haven't figured out the best way to do the bows in her hair. Do I colour them, or leave them as strings?
This one was stamped with a black pad. I think I may need a new one! I have also found that the stamp is ever so slightly hollow in the centre. When I ink it, the centre doesn't get inked, and I have to dab at it with the corner of the pad. When I print with it, I have to have my card on a very spongy surface, and the lines are coming out thicker than they should be because of the extra pressure. Of course it could be my inexperience with stamping, and I may get better with practice. I filled in the missing lines with a propelling pencil.
Finally for today, here is a simple card I put together. I intended to sew around the edge, but half way along the first side, the thread shredded, and so I continued with an empty needle and drew in the stitches with a gel pen. The swirls are Inkadinkado, the dotty paper is a scrap of Pink Petticoat, and the flower was taken from a flower arrangement in the guest bathroom!

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