Saturday, November 15, 2008

A finished WIP

The kneewarmer/shawl that I showed here is now finished. I ran out of wool about 4" from the end of a row, so I improvised. Because I work on circular needles, it was easy to push the stitches to the other end, and use a crochet hook to cast of the stitches already completed, When I got to the remaining unknitted 4", I crocheted them from the other end and pulled the end of the wool through to fasten the whole thing off. The beauty of knitting really hairy wool like mohair is that it all matts together nicely and hides a multitude of sins! The last stripe rows were made with all the tail ends of the other rows twisted end to end. I am happy to report that there is absolutely nothing left, not even an inch of fluff!

Ignore the dark splodges across the shawl, they are just shadows cast by the bamboo...

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