Friday, November 07, 2008

A Work in Progress

I've been sorting out a bin bag full of wool that has been in the top of the wardrobe for ages, and thought I would do something with all the odd balls of mohair that I collected back in the '80s. There are no two the same colour and they are from three different manufacturers, but all are about the same weight. I'm using a 7mm circular needle, and a very easy garter stitch ripple pattern, putting 6 rows of one colour followed by two rows of another. I have used some oddments for many of the two row sections. I've first used all the pinky/mauvey colours, then used an ombre green to brown to lead into the centre section that is shades of brown and tan. I'm now using a grey/green/tan combination with stripes of bright green, and I have a ball of vanilla to tale off with. It is easy knitting and is already long enough to keep my legs warm as I knit. It is very light and very warm, and destined as a kneewarmer for Bossman, or a draught excluder for me as I sit at the computer. There is no way that Charlie is going to continue using it to pad on!


  1. Anonymous9:50 pm

    very nice way to use up left overs! i like the wavy pattern

  2. .....super idea Toots - one way to use up leftovers! "Totty's Knee Warmer of Many Colours" - actually, it looks quite nice Totty - lucky Bossman - I wonder who that would be ;) Great job!

  3. your so patient Ive given up on my knitting! Fluff gets up my nose!


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