Saturday, November 22, 2008

An Inherited WIP...

This was started by my friend Dot, who died in September. Her husband brought me a large black bin-liner full of knitting yarn and five started projects. The wool is peach acrylic, not what I would use for something that entailed as many hours work as this pattern, ( in my experience, it pills after half a dozen wearings) but this has front and back finished, and a started sleeve that I shall need to frog as the slight difference in our tensions will always show if I continue where she left off. It took a while to work out what size she was knitting, and I have become so used to knitting from charts, that the K1, P1, Drop 1 of traditional English patterns is now annoying and hard to follow, so I sat down and made myself a chart from the knitting she had done. The little string loops you can see are there to remind me where the pattern changes. Once charted, it is an easy pattern. The increases up the side are all into a moss stitch band. In from this on each side there is a 17 stitch panel of a moss stitch zigzag on a purl backround, followed by a 6 stitch cable with 3 moss stitches on each side, and the centre is a diamond cable. The 6 row increases fall nicely in line with the zig and the zag, as do the cable cross overs. Below you can see how far I have knitted in two evenings; my sleeve is on my favourite circular needles. Oh, and the colour in the top photo is much closer to reality...


  1. its a shame about the acrylic yarn, because it is a very pretty pattern.

  2. Hi Totty, check my blog, you've got an award. Love Jeannie

  3. ....what a gorgeous pattern but I wouldn't enjoy doing all those cable patterns - it's beautiful, Totty.


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