Monday, December 15, 2008

Just in case... are wondering why I haven't posted much this week, it is because I have had my head down batch making Christmas cards. Those for the Craft Club girls were handed out at our lunch on Thursday, before I thought to scan one, but were assorted colours of Tracey (Fredshesaid)'s freebie medallion liberally adorned with coloured glitter glue.

The Bowling Club dinner saw me distributing variations on a theme of Joanna Sheen's Elf Sleigh silhouette. Some on a restrained dark green card, some on aqua, some on cream and some, like this one, on a vivid yellow that matched, more or less, the yellow of the halo. The backing paper is the one from the JS disk, but the greeting was made by C&P-ing a rectangle of the picture, deleting the sky and substituting the yellow picked up from the halo. If I was being pernickity, I would have tweaked the yellow to match the yellow of the card, but as these will be in the bin in a fortnight I didn't waste my time. The toppers come on a mixed size sheet, so the larger ones didn't have the backing paper, but had stamped swirls instead.

I have posted an wide assortment of hand made cards to the CardScraps girls, and friends and family abroad; as usual, not scanning in my haste to get them on their way. There now only remains Spanish mainland cards to make and post, and I have until Tuesday to rustle up a batch for the Winter year I think I shall just design something simple in Photoshop and print, fold and stuff.....but then I say that every year, and because I know I won't blog tomorrow, I'm writing this on Sunday and scheduling it.

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  1. ...lovely card Totty - I sure like mine!...with thanks.


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