Monday, December 29, 2008

What kind of needles...

....did I decide on...knitting or sewing? Why not have both? I like embroidery, but these days can only see to do it in daylight, so I usually knit in the evening. I'll show you what I've been knitting another day, but for now, here is the start of a crazy quilt heart. I mean to take step by step photos of the process one of these days, but for now, if you are reading Pam, here's a quick run through of how I got to this stage; I'm sure there are other, better methods, but this is how I got there.

1. Decide on the size of the heart, fold a sheet of paper in half and cut out the shape. Keep both pieces of paper.

2. Choose a piece of fabric for the centre. Here I have used a fragment of an old blouse sleeve.

3. Look through your bit bag for colours that work with your centre fabric. In this case, starting top right, we have cream crepe from a blouse I shortened, rust dyed sheeting from my first experiments, tan cotton left over from a quilt backing, pale yellow poplin from Bossman's discarded shirt, and finally, cream faux suede, again from an alteration job, this time shortening trousers. This should give you some idea of the state of my workroom....

4. Arrange your chosen fabrics until you are happy with the contrasts, then overlap each of them, working your way around the centre, so that each seam end will be covered by the next piece. Using this as inspiration, with a pencil and ruler, draw seam lines onto your cut out paper heart. Hint; a pentagon is usually a good shape for your centre piece.

5. Number each section of the heart, starting with 1 in the centre panel and continuing in the order you will overlap them. In this case, 2 is the centre right bit, three is the tan, 4 is the light patch, 5 is the suede and 6 is the crepe. I then add carpenter's marks as I call them; I draw 2 lines across the seam line between pieces 1 and 2, three lines between 1 and 3, and so on.

6. Cut along the seam lines, then take each piece, draw around it on another piece of paper or card, and add ¼" seam allowances. I add a circle in pencil to the outside edge, so I know I can leave extra fabric here if need be.

7. TIP Take your number one pattern piece again, draw around it, then cut out the centre to make a frame. You can then use this frame to choose which part of your centre fabric fits the shape.

These how-to photos were reconstructed using the patterns I made, after I remembered to blog the process, rather than during the process of making the heart.

Here endeth the first lesson....

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