Saturday, January 10, 2009


I've signed up for one of the February ATC swaps on a Group I have been dormant on for a while. The theme is postage stamps, and there has to be a minimum of three stamps on each one. In an effort to tidy my desk the other week, I sorted all the postage stamps overflowing from a Ferrer Rocher box into subject matter, and put each group into a seperate zippy. I found Mole in the Birds and Beast section, and the words molehill and mountain immediately sprang to mind. I looked for mountains in the landscape zippy, scanned in the US stamp at high resolution, and used it as a background. I added the text in my graphics programme before printing it out. The second background was done in the same manner. I used a 4"x6" photo card to print the two ATC backs, cut them out, and then added the stamps and embellishment. Just in case you make the same mistake that I did at first, the turquoise stamp below shows an ice racing skate, and not a submarine with an odd shaped sail...


  1. ....hey Totty - very clever thinking and the ATC's look terrific!

  2. Hi Totty - can you pop by my blog I have something for you.


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