Monday, January 05, 2009

Möbius Neckwarmer

The front view.

The back; or is it a hat?

I have had a small ball of eau de nil Jaeger silk and merino hanging around since the 1980s. I shredded a small amount of it to felt into leaves and seed case for a poppy, but I thought there wasn't really enough for anything useful. I came across a reference to Möbius scarves, and went blog-hopping and web-surfing to find out more, and decided I probably had enough of this soft non-itchy mixture to knit a neckwarmer version.

I hadn't realised until I had done 8 or 10 rows, just how much stocking stitch would roll, so I did another 8 rows in purl, then 8 in knit, so I ended up with quite a pleasing Michelin man effect.

Just for the fun of it, I used a hairy caterpillar yarn to continue for a round and to cast off once I ran out of the Jaeger.

If you fancy trying the magic of möbius, here are a couple of links;
Cat's cowl scarf pattern that explains her method of casting on, and Linda's version that shows you another way to start.

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