Sunday, January 04, 2009

Get ahead; get a hat...

Just a quick post of one of the odds and ends that slipped off my knitting needles over Christmas. It has been so unusually cold here over the last month or so that I needed another hat as an alternative to my frog green fleecy pull-on, so decided to try the free bucket hat pattern designed by Amy Swenson for Make One Yarn Studio. I found it at Indiknits. There is a provisional cast on, then you knit to the edge of the brim, on a circular needle, increasing as you go, make a purl row to define the edge, then knit the outside of the brim decreasing again. You next pick up your provisional cast on, knitting two together to make a double brim. The pattern stated Aran weight wool, but I used what I had in the box, a thickish red yarn called Lana, chosen because it was the nearest thing in colour to my red gloves. It is produced in China, but without any statement of content, so it is probably Acrylic. Not surprising as it cost €1.50 for 100 gms and was bought for knitting Gnomes. The Spanish word for wool is lana, but is used just as vaguely as wool is in English, to mean yarn for knitting...
Edited to add link to pdf for hat.


  1. Totty, I looked but couldn't find the pattern for the hat - could you point me in the right direction please.

  2. ....oooooo Toots - lovely hat and such a nice bright colour! Love your title - cute!


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