Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Digital ATCs

I don't usually do editions of ATCs; most of mine are one-offs, but I printed two copies of these because I couldn't decide on screen if I needed to add anything to them. I had originally planned to use the layered tissue paper, paint and glue backgrounds in the raw, and add paper layers on top, but when I saw the figures on Kubivet, I decided to go completely digital, and made scans of the backgrounds. The "floor" is just an adjustment layer darkening the background, and I hope the drop shadow stops them looking too flat. One of these days I'll find out how to make the shadow bend where it hits the wall....I'm sure there must be a way.

When they were printed, I decided they didn't need anything adding, and so there is a pair going begging in anyone fancies a trade...

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  1. Wow...those are stunning...I love the mood and atmosphere you've created.


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