Monday, February 23, 2009

Just in case... think I'm slacking on the blogging front, I'm not; I'm off to this hotel in Tenerife for a week on a Pensioners' Jolly, subsidised by the Spanish Government to the tune of €17 a day. It is their way of keeping hotel staff employed and off the dole. Most holidays available are in colder areas that would not normally have off season tourists, apart from a few, a very few, that are available in the Canaries. By reading the small print on the .gov website, I discovered that instead of queuing around the block at the designated travel agent's on the designated day, it was possible to book on line from 8am on the said date, and that way I managed to get in where we wanted to go. We then only had to show up at the travel agent at the end of the rush and pay our deposit. When I told Pepa that we wanted to go to Tenerife, she shook her head in dismay, and said that we had no chance so late in the day. When I produced my booking number and said I had already booked online, she was taken aback, as she had no idea that it was possible! No doubt she will tell everyone, and next time we won't get a look-in...

Bossman's idea of a holiday is to get up, breakfast, take a stroll, lunch, sleep, bathe, dinner, nightcap and then bed to read his book. One book will last him the week because he falls asleep half way down the first page. To keep myself out of mischief while he is snoozing, I have three paperbacks and another five books on an mp3 disc, an mp3 music mix, a DS full of puzzles, wool and needles to knit something for a friend's newly expected grandchild, a small crosstitch, and my "ongoing for 5 years holiday embroidery project" of a Willow Patterned tablecloth. Oh, and a sketchbook for ideas...


  1. hope you are having a lovely time. i think bossman would drive me mad on a holiday - I would be taking a pile of stuff like you.

  2. Well, I'm glad you know by now how to amuse yourself ... Does Bossman realize what a grand lady he's having right beside him (what a silly question- the 'bossmans' never do - or they wouldn't be snoozing ...)? Still, have a good time off!

  3. ....good for you Toots - have one great holiday!

  4. Hope you have/had a wonderful trip.


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