Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Quilt repairs

This is a quilt I made years ago, and it has been in pretty constant use by DD2 ever since. She brought it out with her for some TLC, as quite a number of squares had disintegrated from repeated washing and wearing. The whole thing was originally made from used clothing from the charity shop , so it is hardly surprising that some parts have worn more than others. The light diagonals were all cut from a tiered cotton skirt patterned with men in Mexican style hats leading donkeys through a tropical landscape, all printed in light blue and brown. This isn't showing any sign of wear, only fading. The darker diagonals were all cut from a variety of Indonesian style cotton batik shirts. In general, the lighter ones are OK, but the darker ones have rotted, so I am guessing the dyes used may have a bearing. Where I haven't been able to find any matching scraps in my bit boxes, I have used the nearest I could find; The dark blue with white and turquoise spots on the left, standing in for the larger spotty pattern on the right,

and the light green with a tiny flower is quite close to the tone of the green and navy print on each side of it.
The top was machine pieced, but I have made the repairs by hand, appliquéing squares that have had their edges pressed over a square of card cut to the approximate size; my skills were not such that every corner met exactly! The top photo was taken outside yesterday, just before it started raining, so the colour is rather dull, but at least the wind had dropped. The only replacements that stick out like sore thumbs are the brighter blue squares, but at closer quarters they don't look so bad, and anyway, it won't be hanging on a gallery wall, but will be draped over cold legs, keeping out the icy blasts of Cumbria! All that remains to be done is to hand quilt the diagonals that have come adrift, and this is quite a pleasant job, as the filling is soft and the backing is an old flannelette sheet. When that is finished, I need to tackle the second quilt, and that is in a worse state...

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  1. ...oh Totty, what a gorgeous quilt!......and a lot of work making it years ago. Good for you fixing it and you've matched things up beautifully....golly, I do admire all the things you can do Totty - gorgeous work of art!


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