Friday, July 06, 2007

Briggsy's Seaside ATCs..

...are finished. They just need labels on the back. I won't put any pictures up until she has received them, but I must remember to scan them when the glue is dry. I forgot to scan Janet's
Pinks before I posted them..

When I emptied the waste bin in my sewing room today, I thought it a shame to throw out all the tiny bits that were in the bottom, so I made this simple fab. I glue-sticked the first bits to piece of face wipe, and then stitched that onto a playing card. As usual, the fab was pulled out of shape by the top-stitching, so I had to add a bit down one side, so although it isn't really lop-sided, it looks as if it is. It needed embellishing, so I looked through my do-dads and found the love, then made a wire heart to go with it.

On my to-do list for this weekend are a set on a bird theme for FAPATCs, the fab I promised Roz, and the July card swap for Sue. Let's hope I don't gey sidetracked..


  1. Totty - it's great. How big is it and is it backed on cardboard??? It's lovely. Lisa x

  2. Yes Lisa, it is. The stitching around the outside attaches it to a playing card. I use them a lot as they are the correct size, (2½"x3½")and are thin but strong. They are poker cards, not bridge cards. The bridge cards are too narrow. I use self adhesive labels on the back to write the details and cover up "workings".


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