Friday, July 06, 2007

The morning after...

The curry was fantastic as usual, and as usual I ate far too much. We got home at 11.30pm in time for me to see the second half of Grey's Anatomy, and then to watch Question Time. Davina McCall on QT??? I only twigged at the end when Dimbleby said the whole programme had been arranged and produced by students.

I toddled off to bed, but not to sleep! I gave some thought to the other Blog and decided to keep it, but to remove most of what was already there and start afresh. It was started back in 2004 as the repository of a lot of whimsy generated in late night email conversations between me and my cousin John, (well oiled with whiskey on his side) with additions of a Heath Robinson nature from Red Ted.

What might require some explanation is the Blog's title; Monkey Bus Pass. Have you heard the saying "As much fun as a bus load of monkeys"? I possess a small collection of toy monkeys, and over the years they have been used as actors in a series of desktop entertainments, along with other small characters I have rescued from extinction. The monkeys have become the alter egos of friends and family. I'll introduce them to you gradually dear reader, but what about the bus pass? Cousin John was looking forward to the day when he got his bus pass and could join us on our jollies full time. Sadly he didn't make it, but hopefully I shall when I claim my prize in December!

I'll try to clean up the Bus today, and when it's all ship-shape, I'll post a link here.

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