Thursday, July 12, 2007


This morning I got round to finishing off some of the bits of knitting that are hanging around. The blue baby jacket was knitted in garter stitch using odd balls given to me by Dolly. There wasn't quite enough, but I found another half ball in the charity shop, and I can't see any colour difference. I think Domti DK must be dyed in large batches. I hadn't knitted any buttonholes, as I thought I would crochet loops with the tail of wool. Since then I have seen some knitted embellishments and I decided to use them to make a fastening.

I knitted 2 i-cords with a leaf at each end, stitched one cord to the front, making two loops with the cord, and stitched the centre of the second cord to the back. to fasten the jacket, you slip the leaves of the back cord through the loops of the front cord, and tie a simple knot.

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