Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Head like a sieve?

I posted the bird ATCs today, then remembered I hadn't scanned the last 2, so hopefully the recipient will scan them and post on the Group. I didn't remember to scan the Seaside cards either. What am I like? I decided to do a Series of the Lovebird ATC. I labeled them as belonging to a series of 5, so that gives me the option of doing 2 more if anyone takes a shine to them. Each bird has a different shape body and a different shape tail, and the colour varies as well, but the heart punch shape is consistent, as is the use of black pen.

I've just been checking the size of envelopes that the Spanish PO considers "Normal", after a difference of opinion between me and the girl behind the counter. First of all she tried to charge me the higher rate for the small envelope containing the Bird ATCs. I could see the weight was less than 20gms, so asked why she printed out and stuck on a stamp for €1.29 when it should have been 78¢. She told me the envelope was too small. I asked what the "Normal" size was, and she said that it had to fit between the smallest and largest rectangles drawn out on her blotter, and proceeded to prove her point by placing the envelope on her drawing...only to find that it matched the smallest size. Looking very disgruntled, she informed me that anyway, the second envelope was definitely too big. I didn't argue the toss over that one, I just said I had been using that size envelope for the past 4 years without complaint, but as I knew it was over 20gms, I would have to pay the higher rate anyway. I've checked on the official site now, and drawn out a diagram like hers, but I'll keep an eye on her...she charged me the higher rate for a DL card last week, but I didn't challenge it because I didn't see what the weight was.

I called into the charity shop today to look for "ingredients", and struck lucky. I found 6 lace doilies for 20¢, two large remnants of very bright flowery material at 50¢ each, and a couple of metres of black, white and grey patterned chiffon. Poking around on the shelves behind the leather coats I found a plastic bag that wasn't there last week containing a square metre of Penelope canvas, a couple of half metre pieces of evenweave linen, and a started cross stitch table runner of Aida cloth. At the bottom of the bag was one of those steel sheets with long strips of magnet that are used to keep your place when following a pattern. Linda let me have the lot for €3, so I was a happy bunny. On the way to meet Bossman for a coffee, I called into Fabrix and bought ¼ metre stiff white net, and another ¼ of soft white veiling. I plan to have a go at colouring it using felt tip pens and the squeezy rubber air-spray doofer that Jude bought me years ago.

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