Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Another PC finished

The lilac thread ran out before I had finished zig-zagging around the edges, so I changed colour, then went over a couple of places where the machine had stuttered.

I'm feeling pleased with myself this morning. I have got the printer printing pink! I can't claim to have it printing red yet, but I spent hours yesterday with a syringe and a length of aquarium tube pumping window cleaner through the magents ink nozzle of the print head. I had left the whole caboodle soaking up to the brass contacts in Aldi window cleaner since Monday morning. I got it to the stage where there were no more traces of pink ink coming out of the jet holes on the bottom, so after soaking overnight again, this morning I ran the print head under the hot tap, to rinse out the cleaning solution, then flushed each nozzle with hot distilled water, gave it a good shake, then reloaded it in the printer. The first nozzle check test showed a trace of pink, so I printed an A4 sheet of magenta I concocted in PS. This came through as a ladder...magenta lines at ¼" spacing, so I tried again, this time with the printer set at high quality, and I got a sheet of pink! The effect was ever so slightly stripy, but acceptable for printing teabags, which is what I need to do this week; I'm behind with my swaps.

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