Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunday morning means cleaning...

....but when it's tidying my room it doesn't really count as housework, because it is not a constant process. Email can be checked, blogs can be hopped. Items that have been missing for months are discovered. New things come to light, such as this piece of singing referred to in someone's blog (I'll edit this post when I find it again and give her credit!). For months now, this monitor and keyboard has been balancing on two melamine planks on top of a trolley base: Lean a little too heavily onto the mouse mat and the router flies up into the air...after an appeal for an improvement, I now have one piece of melamine that fits snuggly between desk and window, and because I can no longer open that half on the French window, the fly screen has been moved over to the other side, and I can now sit in a cooling breeze! The change over meant that I had to sort out the stuff that had accumulated. Most of it turned out to be scraps of paper I had made notes on, and could be binned, so before I start the process over again, I thought you might like to see a clear, well, clearish table.

The card is my June swap from Winnie. It says "Happiness Always", and I think that is a good thought to keep in front of me. The little doll in front of the monitor came in a goodie box from Lois. She is called "Miss Wire" according to the writing on her underside. Her base is a wooden heart, her body a wine cork painted with grapes and vine leaves, and her head is a wooden tassel form. Her hair/headdress is made of beads threaded onto wire...hence her name I guess.

I am gradually working my way around the room. The top of the desk is fairly clear. I have sorted out the photo paper packs that are under the printer, and the printer is showing its innards, because I am making one last effort to clear the blockage in the magenta print head. It is sitting a centimetre deep in Aldi window cleaner, and will stay there for at least 24 hours. If that fails to shift it, then I'll have to buy a new printer. The local shop has sold out of the cheap Epsons that take individual carts, but I think they still have some in Carrefour. No more dear printers for and cheerful it has to be, but I still need one that takes separate colour carts. Oh, and do you like Barmpot's beetles; Boris, Bernard and Benjamin?


  1. The Barmpot Beetles would give me the creeps sitting up there!!!

  2. I've always been a bug lover, Roz, since I was little.


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