Sunday, August 19, 2007


The first pair are finished. The photo shows them after I had given them a dunk in warm soapy water, because I had used some wool on one that had been knitted up as a glove, and I hadn't steamed it first, idle woman that I am...
The next pair are on the needle. The tan Shetland wool feels quite harsh to the touch, but I cut a length and washed it, and it softens up considerably. They can always be worn with a thin pair of cotton socks underneath I suppose. I'll wash them in hair shampoo and conditioner when they are finished!


  1. lol they look like spaz socks ( not very pc of me but its the right word!). very thin ankles and swollen feet.

    i'm sure they won't cut off my circulation

  2. Well they don't cut off my circulation...they have ribbing all the way up the leg so they don't fall down, and you did say not to make them too narrow in the foot. They fit my foot perfick without being stretched, so should be OK for your plates.


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