Monday, August 13, 2007

Tweet has legs, and so do the socks

I decided against the felt feet, and gave Tweet dangly legs with buttons to give him enough weight to balance on my monitor.

0j0's socks are now waiting for feedback on the length of the leg and whether to stripe or not to stripe. I finished another crazy quilt postcard and shall send it on its way tomorrow. When I went to the PO on Saturday, they had run out of stamps again, so that hand franking was the order of the day, rather than a special request!

Now that the socks are on hold, I shall try to finish the broomstick crochet blanket that is sitting in a bag on the sofa. It may take a while, as there seems to be no end to the blue yarn that Dolly gave me back in September. I had a look in the bin bag of 1980's wool downstairs, and found four 20gm balls of 4ply Shetland. Something has eaten the labels, but the wool looks fine. I have noticed that my camera doesn't reproduce colours accurately. This is a much more orange-y tan than it looks here. I thought it might do for ankle socks; I fancy doing something with a lace pattern, and this is a light enough colour for me to be able to see to work by artificial light. I only managed the navy socks at night because it was plain knitting.


  1. OOOHHH!!! Now I do love that tweety!!!! He's soooo swwweeeetttt!!

  2. In your honour, Roz, I shall rename him "Sweet Tweet"....LOL

  3. Ahhhh... thanks, I do feel very honoured...


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