Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Mucking out the pigsty

No crafting whatsoever done today, but I do have a better idea of what was lurking in the craft room cupboard behind the door that I couldn't open because of the big cardboard box full of mags for cutting up....I have moved that box so I can now open the doors and pull the boxes off the shelves without twisting myself into a sciatica attack. The mag box now severely restricts the movement of the chair at the small table, but I can live with that.

After a sort out that took all morning and half of the afternoon, the bottom two shelves now have boxes of reclaimed cloth sorted roughly by colour, and a basket of mixed bits left over from quilts. I found a bundle of wedge shapes in two different patterns of brown that someone gave me. I think maybe she had the idea of making fan or Dresden plate blocks, but they will need something with them to lighten the colour scheme. I put them back into hiding. It will be good to have access to this cloth, and not just whatever happens to be in my sewing room bit-box.

The third shelf now contains mainly painting equipment of one sort or another. Oil paints, acrylic paints, poster paints, watercolour paints, glass paint, and fabric paints. The pots of Dylon fabric paint were dried up, but I do still have Dylon powder and some felt tip fabs that are usable. Large bottles of PVA, wall sealer, and floor sealer are also on this shelf, along with punch needles, patchwork templates, stencils, shells and other odds and ends in shoe boxes.

By now I had the fourth shelf almost half free of clutter, so decided to fill the available space with the plastic fruit crate that holds my few stamps, and the plastic box containing ink pads and embossing powder. This has been behind the room door, and the move will enable my tea-man to get through the gap bearing cup and plate, rather than standing outside and demanding I collect it from there! The other boxes on that shelf contain embroidery cloth, half finished embroidered tablecloths ( started by my Mum in the 1950's) and odd balls of wool.

The top shelf I have left as I know that there is only old Christmas cards sorted into colour schemes, and boxes of new cloth. Well it's not new in age, just new as in un-used.

I've given up for today. My desk and computer table are piled high with bits I want to keep, but haven't yet found a home for, but I did one last thing before calling it a day. The last time I had a major clear-out and reshuffle in here, I somehow or other managed to get a castor cup under the carpet in the centre of the room. I don't know how it got there, but I'll tell you how I got it out without removing all the furniture and lifting the carpet....I just kept wacking it on the side with a hammer until it edged its way over to the wall where I was able to manouevre it out. The carpet now has an interesting embossed snail trail, but what the heck..

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