Sunday, September 09, 2007

Always the Bridesmaid..

This is the second card for the Wedding Swap. I don't think my partner reads my blog, so I'm showing it. I did think about doing "the Groom", but couldn't find any suitable material lying around, and the thought of having to move things to get into the big cupboard didn't really appeal. The bag of chiffony bits was handy under the sewing room table, so I had a rummage in there and found this strip of pleated dusky rose that I think came of someone's sleeve. I stitched it onto a pelmet vilene backer, then added the flowers and beads. I hadn't noticed until I scanned it that I haven't removed the straight stitching along the top edge.

As previously reported, I've struggled with these ATCs, but here is what I've come up with.The first one is smooth and shiny, because each layer was put on with clear wide packing tape. The tape is only two inches wide, so I had to juggle each layer and the direction of the tape so that all of the playing card was eventually covered. I liked the effect, especially on the first two layers, as the images was torn from a magazine, and the thin torn edges blended smoothly into the surface. The upper layers were cut out to give more definition, so there is a very slight ridge around the edges. The second card is very rough and textured. The background is crumpled paper with a rollered on layer of "Grease", and the top layer has strips of duct tape. I suppose I was trying to contrast the smooth men of the first card with a bit of rough...
On a technical note, I shall use the power tape method again, but next time I'll try with the sticky-back plastic used for covering books. I can cut that to size. I also might try making a mask of release paper, wetting the back of the magazine image after having put it on the tape, then rubbing the paper away, just leaving the image..I'll report back.

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