Friday, September 07, 2007

Off the needles

Jude's scarf is finished, and as predicted is on the short side, but it is long enough to cross over itself and be held by a brooch. This is the largest brooch I own. I found it in a discard bag from the local charity shop when I was rummaging for bits for a rag rug. "Take what you want and then put the rest in the clothing recycle bin" said the shop manager "save me a job". The brooch was on a turquoise, 1950's style, swing back coat, and had been stitched into position over the top buttonhole, making a lapel. I took the brooch back into the shop on my next visit. "Good Lord! Keep it!" she said...."Nobody would wear that!" I guess that makes me a nobody...

Just in case anyone wants to put a bid in, I'm showing a sock. Strange colourway, but if you want them as bedsocks...who cares? One pair is finished, the second pair is on the needle.


  1. sorry but there not pleasing on the eye

  2. Bedsocks it is then! ....or maybe polishing the parquet socks?

  3. Yes, I did notice could always edit if you find it embarrassing...


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